Today chiropractic is the largest primary healthcare profession in the western world after medicine and dentistry. It is an independent branch of medicine specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical, muscle and nerve dysfunction.

Across the world there are many different chiropractic techniques. The McTimoney technique is just one method of chiropractic used in the UK. It is a powerful but non-invasive form of body manipulation which aims not only to relieve painful symptoms but also to treat dysfunction of the spine and increase mobility of the whole body.

At our long established Spinal Chap Chiropractic Clinics all the chiropractors use this high speed, low-force chiropractic technique to gently treat dysfunction of the spine and other joints. Through subtle adjustments, chiropractic treatment relieves pain and discomfort, increases mobility and prevents recurrence. With this comes increased flexibility and vitality and the overall performance of your body is enhanced.

Many people believe they will have to put up with back pain when in-fact, prompt treatment can relieve back pain for good. Come and see how our approach to chiropractic treatment works. We can also help with neck pain and headaches too. Even arthritis can improve with the right treatment.

BUPA Registered Chiropractor in Burgess Hill, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hove

Here at SpinalChap Chiropractic we are one of the few BUPA Registered Chiropractors in the Eastbourne, Seaford, Bexhill and Brighton & Hove areas. At SpinalChap Chiropractic clinics in Eastbourne, Seaford, Bexhill and Brighton & Hove we are registered to cover all insurers including but not limited to BUPA, AXA PPP, Simply Health, Standard Life, Aviva, WPA etc.


I had a sudden sharp, stabbing pain in the middle of my lower back and all the muscles in the surrounding area locked up. It was agony just getting out of bed or the bath but four treatments over six weeks completely cured me and it has not recurred thanks to quarterly support care treatments. The McTimoney technique was gentler than I expected by so effective.

Martin R